Basic life support certification program- 1st intake


Basic Life Support Certification Program - 1st intake

The Official program of the National CPD directorate

Training & CPD office announce the BLS certification program


How to assess a collapsed victim

How to perform chest compression and rescue breathing

How to operate Automoted external defibrillator safely

How to place unconscious breathing victim in recovery position

Essential program for all health care providers

Required Globally

Fully accredited by the federal ministry of health

Certificate can be Verified by the ministry of Foreign affairs

Friday 27.9.2019

National CPD centre

For graduates only

Only 20 Participants

Coffee break & breakfast are provided

Fees : 700 SDG

UNIQUE: 15% discount for SPTN members ATTENTION: Fees should be paid within 24hrsof registration, otherwise the registrations will be Cancelled Automatically.